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About pEeePCee

pEeePCee is written by Adel Gabot, also known in the blogosphere as The Reverse Engineer.

Adel is the Editor-in-Chief of several magazines for the Inquirer Group under Hinge Inquirer Publications, among them Mobile Philippines and Pinoy Rider Extreme. As HIP Executive Editor he supervises the creation of HIP’s 24 different titles.

Previously he has been editor of PC Magazine Philippines, Manual Magazine, and Images for Canon and Pilipinas 2.0 among others, and he wrote several weekly newspaper columns for The Manila Times for several years.

Adel is also the blogger behind Mac-A-Doodle from Inquirer.net, and is an unashamed Mac fanboy who has drunk deeply of the Jobsian Kool-Aid. He has been Chairman of the Philippine Macintosh User’s Group, and helps administer and moderate many tech user groups like the eeeph.com, iFonePH.com, Philippine Palm User’s Group and PodCentral. He is also the creator of the group tech blog PWIT, or Philippine Week in Tech.

Adel is also an amateur photographer and an accomplished fictionist, having won awards for his work, including a Palanca, and has been a songwriting finalist in the Metropop. When not writing, Adel teaches it as Writing Consultant for Geiser Maclang Communications. Beginning March 2008 he’ll also be teaching magazine writing, editing and publishing at De La Salle University in Manila.

Adel studied Journalism at the University of The Philippines’ Institute of Mass Communication in the Diliman campus. After school he worked for nearly twenty years in the broadcasting industry as a radio announcer, producer, talent and station executive. He retired from radio in 2002 to pursue writing full-time.

Adel lives and works in Manila, Philippines. Though very experienced with Mac and Windows operating systems, this is Adel’s first close-up experimentation with Linux. He uses Xandros on an Asus EeePC Model 701 4G laptop, whose keyboard he finds too tiny for his big fingers.

This blog is the story of his experiences.

(Vector rendering of reversengineer by Carlo German)

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