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The EeePC900 Unboxing Gallery May 5, 2008

Posted by reverseengineer in Hardware, Pics.

Nothing sweeter than unboxing a new toy (well, I can think of a couple of other sweeter things, but never mind that). Here we go:

The box itself.

I received the one with Windows XP pre-installed. It comes with just a 12gb SSD. The Linux version comes with 20gb, for the same price. The rationale is, with the WinXP version you buy a licensed copy of Windows XP, which is apparently worth 8gb these days. Linux is free and open source, so you get back the 8gb in kind.

Boo! It’s the EeePC900 in its body bag.

The stuff inside the box. Yum.

The goodies, all laid out on the table. Windows product identifier on the lower right corner.

Mr. 900 says Hi!

The big-@$$ screen, with the in-box el cheapo screen protector. Please remove immediately.

The bonafide credentials.

Quarter-turn to the right please!

Now to the left…

Now face front and smile for the camera! Flash those pearly whites! Nice teeth keys you got there. Look familiar too.  (Note the multi-touch instructions on the larger trackpad.)

Now turn around and let’s see that behind! Nice sticker you got there on the left cheek. (Actually, I’m dying to open the panel and see if this one’s got an extra slot, but there’s a sticker covering one of the screws. Sigh.)

Now for a look at your privates. Hmm. 4400mAh only? Tsk. Tsk.

Power brick? Where’s that sexy little adaptor with the prongs we used to know? Hmph.

Finally, the pouch. (Frankly, ugh. It’s a grayish chamois-felt-suede something that’ll get dirty two seconds after you take from its plastic bag. Then goes linty all over you after a day. What’s wrong with classic black neoprene?)

That’s it for the unboxing. Some comparative side-by-side pics with the 701 soon, plus some first impressions tomorrow. Thanks for watching.



1. manix genabe - May 5, 2008

how much would it cost in manila?

2. Mona - May 5, 2008

I’m really curious as to how long that 4400mAh will last…

3. reverseengineer - May 5, 2008

@mona – Shorter and shorter, Mona. Remember, you got a bigger screen, a bit more RAM and a larger SSD. All running from the same old same old battery?

4. Mona - May 5, 2008

I figured. Ordered a 6600mAh in black from our friendly eeeph source, at PhP 3.5k. Still waiting…

5. reverseengineer - May 5, 2008

I wish it was 5200 mAh at least. I read the early units, particularly the ones lent to the media (at least in HK), were 4400s, but will be replaced with better batts presently.

6. grashabelle - May 5, 2008

i guess they also had to match the color of the sleeve with the EEE. wait till they release the pink and green EEE 900 🙂

7. Bernie - May 6, 2008

One of the things I really like with the Eee PC’s Xandrox Linux implementation is its ease of recovery in case the system gets borked. I wonder how “easy” it is to recover a corrupt XP installation on the 900?

8. Carlo - May 6, 2008

Power brick? Boo!

9. Aiza - May 6, 2008

Can’t wait to see
what the price tag’s going to be.

Ahaha I rhyme.

10. Ade - May 6, 2008


11. dicky - May 6, 2008

you got ripped… they sold the eeepc in hk with the 4400 mAh battery, then came out with an announcement that they would be providing the 5800 mAh battery to the buyers who got the 4400 mAh battery for FREE..
Expected SRP for the eeePC 900 is around P25,000, which might be announced at the official RP launch on May 12.
Again, this is a rip off, since they sell the unit in Hong Kong for HK$ 3998 or less than P22,000. Goes for about the same equivalent price in Taiwan. Aren’t those Chinese people richer than us in the Philiippines? So why the PRICE GOUGING?

12. reverseengineer - May 6, 2008

@dicky: Let’s not jump to conclusions too quickly, Dicky. There are lots of considerations for local pricing, like tariffs, sales taxes, import duties and things like that. Hardly anywhere can you find pricing that is precisely the same in every country. Price gouging? Hardly. Besides, these things are made there, or near there. Of course they’d be cheaper.

And I haven’t been ripped off – what I have is a review unit, not a retail one. And I haven’t paid for it. We don’t really know what kind of battery will be included in the local release yet. Even the final SRP is yet to be determined, so let’s hold judgment first.

13. Mac-A-Doodle » Will the new EeePC slow down sales of the Macbook Air? - May 7, 2008

[…] you’re at all curious, I have an unboxing gallery and a quick-and-dirty-review over at my EeePC blog. (Yes, I have a life outside of Macs.) […]

14. dicky - May 10, 2008

Just citing from our experience with ASUS Philippines and the EEEPC 701. This was priced abroad at around US$400 but they sold it here at around P19,800. Fact is, you could get it locally at P16,000 or a little less than US$400 if you looked hard enough (I did). Which means that they could price it at the same price that they sold it for abroad. So, why is ASUS Philippines picking on the Filipinos (just based on the 701)?

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