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Upgrade blues March 7, 2008

Posted by reverseengineer in Hardware, Ramblings.

It’s the inevitable fate of the Early Adopter – when Revision A comes out, thus will begin a new round of wailing and gnashing of teeth, of ashes on heads and tearing of clothes. It’s a built-in, programmed destiny – by the very nature of being an EA, it’s a fait accompli. But even with that knowledge, they still go and do it.

They buy the newest thing, and have several weeks of cool – maybe a couple of months, six at the outside. But that newer, better thing will come out, sooner than anyone expects, at which point regret and self-recrimination take over immediately, and the sneaking suspicion that everyone who ooohed and aaaahhed at their new gadget are now derisively mocking them behind their back. Fool. You should have waited.

Which leaves the Early Adopter with two choices: suck it up and stay with the first version, or sell it quickly and upgrade, and suck up the price difference. Most EAs take the second, more painful option, as that is their nature. It’s hardwired into their DNA.

Upon succumbing, they buy themselves a coolness extension, a reprieve which lasts precisely until Revision B comes out, which will be, as these things go, soon. And Rev B will always be better, and more desirable, and more powerful, have more features – you will always be swept up by whatever justification you think up. So the cycle continues.

It’s a depressing, bottomless hole geeks tend to fall in. And addiction from which only a drained budget is the only cure. Or an exasperated wife.

I used to be caught up in it, and was only eventually cured by the two things I just mentioned. But I’m terrified the emergence of the EeePC 900 is threatening to drag me back into the old black addiction again.

I’m trying to talk myself out of selling this little friend of mine, a friend I’ve just come to know in the few inseparable months we’ve been together. I’m almost there; am trying to figure out who to sell it to, for how much less, and from where I’ll be pulling in the price difference.

The fact that almost every accessory I’ve bought for my little friend will not be obsolete and will still be useful comforts me no end. The bag, the memory cards, the external drive. I shall bequeath the ones I can’t use to the next owner of my friend: the screen protector, the additional RAM.

In my head I’ve convinced myself that I cannot live without the extra two inches of screen of the EeePC 900, that I’ll be eternally miserable without the extra half-inch of the new trackpad, the additional megapixel of the webcam, the extra 8gig from the SSD. This is not to mention the glorious advantage I’d extract from the faster Intel Atom processor.

The New Generation computer positively puts the 701 4G to shame; it’s an undeserving, abominable, underpowered, underclocked and unusable device that will forever be in the list of the worst gadgets ever created.


I hardly use the darned webcam. I’ve grown accustomed to just 7 inches of screen. I can’t even fill my SD cards with files, not to mention the 160gb external drive. Trackpad? I use a mouse!

So I try to stiffen my resolve. I don’t need the EeePC 900. I just want it, but I don’t need it.

But it shore looks good, don’t it?



1. Art - March 7, 2008

Hey, don’t feel bad. Chances are, the 900 will be priced a tad unreasonably for an EEE; i.e. its price point will make people think twice about getting it versus a regular laptop.

2. Hannah Grace - March 7, 2008

Hahaha. I know the feeling. I keep giving myself excuses not to give up my sony ericsson w900i (inspite of its bulkiness and heaviness) which I bought when it was the latest thing for P30T. Crap, I’m using the same phone for 2 years now and I have never use the 3G video call. When I see the latest slim and lightweight models, I just say to myself, “30T, 30T, 30T…”

(You’re so funny. Addicted na po yata ako sa blog nyo. Hehe.)

3. Ade - March 8, 2008

Same here. I am so tempted to get the 900, only my wallet stands in the way.

I’m pretty sure the Eee is the new iPod.

4. Lawrence - March 9, 2008

I think you have to also factor in productivity with gadgets. How much more will you be productive with that upgrade? I honestly think that the eeepc’s specs are just about exact for my needs. Anything more and I need a full blown laptop. Anything less and my smartphone can do it I think that is what the eeepc is…looking beyond the doodads of the latest and greatest specs. Its just enough to do what you need to do. The eeepc 701 was a revolutionary step to mobile computing while the 900 is an evolutionary step. Yes I want to evolve but the cave men lived a couple of thousand years and they thrived didnt they?? I guess I can live with my eeepc for now. 🙂

5. reverseengineer - March 9, 2008

@Lawrence: Beautifully said, man. I can’t agree with you more. That’s exactly why us current 701 users shouldn’t be upgrading yet.

I just need to remain strong and resist the same primal instinct that cavemen dealt with trying to decide if they should upgrade from a club to an axe.

6. Cloudwalker - March 9, 2008

I can relate, bro. When news of the N900 came out, I wanted to grab my credit card and charge full speed ahead, damn the torpedoes. Only the wife raised her brow and gave me The Look. After throttling some sense to me, she explained that the 701 best suits me, seeing how its small footprint complements my, err, “cute” specs. She also reminded me about the weight and size issue vis-a-vis my bad back and need to go ultralight. Sanity prevailed and I agreed to keep Blackee.

But, hot daym, that N900 sure looks hot! 😀

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