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Shine February 28, 2008

Posted by reverseengineer in Accessories.

I thought long and hard about using a screen protector on my Eeep.

On one hand, the laptop really doesn’t need one. Aside from the fact that the screen isn’t under much risk from wayward fingernails and flying objects (because it’s not that much of a target anyway – it’s so small), the build quality is good enough that the screen is safe from the keys when the lid is closed.

On the other hand, it don’t hurt. And they’re relatively cheap. And it makes the screen pretty, depending on your preference of either matte or glossy. I’m a glossy person. I like the screen to reflect light like the glass surface of a lake in bright sunshine. Glare doesn’t bother me at all, and seeing my reflection on the screen doesn bug me in the least. I like shine. Besides, it makes the Eeep look more expensive than it actually is.

Macbooks can be bought either matte or glossy, and I hear glossy outsells matte screens hands down. If you’re not doing professional graphic design where color fidelity was critical, and glare isn’t an issue, gloss is ok. Some guys even prefer screens that double as privacy filters, where the viewing angle is cut to the area directly in front of the user – a bit paranoiac, if you ask me; even if you could see from the side, it’s so small I doubt if you could make anything out anyway.

I got one from a member of EeePH who was selling PDAir Screen Protectors on the side (among other things) for about P300 (around $8). They were of the glossy kind, which I was happy about. She brought a bunch at the Meet & Greet last Saturday and offered to attach my newly-bought protector for free, a process that is agony if you have an unsteady hand, a dusty environment or are impatient. The screen protector’s greatest enemies are misalignment, dog hair, dust and bubbles.

Tempting, but I’d go apeshit if the protector didn’t go on perfectly. So I opted to take mine home and attach it myself, since I’m a control freak about these things. Also, I wanted the screen to be flawless – I have a spray bottle of excellent (and precious) Apple-endorsed LCD cleaning fluid at home that I wanted to use first. My only fear was that I have four rambunctious dogs at home, and flying dog hair 24-7 is a fact of life.

When I got home I banned them outside and locked myself in the room and shut all the windows. I let the air settle for a bit and then cleaned and polished the Eeep’s screen before starting. It went perfect – until a small bubble inexplicably appeared about an inch right below the webcam. No amount of lifting and re-laying could get it to disappear, and no amount of card massaging could get it to move to the edge so the air could be squeezed out.

I was royally pissed. I had to stop at one point because I might wear the adhesive out pulling it on and off. I think some speck of dust must’ve gotten stuck to the sticky underside of the protector and would not budge. Oh well. I guess I’d best live with it. Either that or get another protector.

It was better then what some of our Eeepers went through at the Meet & Greet where they had the ingenious idea of getting together and buying a larger, more readily available protector at a nearby store and cutting it to size and splitting the cost among four of them. It was a great deal until they realized that the adhesive was only laid out on the edges of the larger film, and they had to figure out how to make it stick. Ugh.

Mine turned out nice, despite the bubble. Nice …and shiny. The screen was a bit smudgier than before, but it was ok. I figure after a couple of weeks my frustration with the bubble would fade and I wouldn’t be distracted as much.

What I don’t think I’ll go around actively seeking is a silicon keyboard protector. Now that would be overkill.



1. Cloudwalker - February 29, 2008

While I was originally eyeing one of silie’s screen protectors, I decided to go for a piece of cnn’s privacy filters in the end. what decided it for me was an overly-nosy next-table customer (NTC) at the coffeeshop where I write; the durned fellow kept sneaking peeks at Blackeee! I know we’re a good looking *cough* pair, but what broke it for me was when NTC asked what youtube video I was viewing! I almost used Blackeee to whack the snoop’s head, grrr!

as for the silicon keyboard cover —- well, how DO you keep your keys clean? 🙂

cloudwalker (no paranoiac)

2. reverseengineer - February 29, 2008

Compressed air, cloudwalker! Then damp cotton buds for gunky keys, then a quick drying rub with a clean cloth. For dust, a makeup brush is fine.

As for the silicon cover – heck, it’s already too small to use bare; imagine covering it with rubber!

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