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Timber! February 25, 2008

Posted by reverseengineer in Hardware.

One of the niggles that gets me about the Eeep is its top-heaviness.

When opened up way back, a light push on the top of the screen is enough to make it topple backwards. Opened at a reasonable angle, it just wobbles a bit as if it was slightly drunk. Wide open and it’s bound to fall back on its ass.

It’s a design flaw that would be serious if the Eeep wasn’t as hardy and durable as it already is. Even if it does fall, the only victim might be the espresso you put back there so it wouldn’t be in the way; it certainly won’t hurt the computer. That torture test video certainly proves that. But I wouldn’t want to court disaster.

I don’t know if the slightly raised butt is to blame for the odd-placed center of gravity. I guess Asus was backing on the weight of our hands on the palmrest to anchor it down. But it’s a problem when working with the laptop on soft or less-than-level surfaces, like on the bed where I sometimes write, or literally on my lap.

Maybe they could have moved some of the heavier components to the front edge to even it out. Or made the lid a bit thinner and lighter (I personally think the speakers are the culprit here). Adding some ballast under the palmrest would certainly defeat the purpose of having an ultraportable, light computer.

I used to think it was just over-critical me, but some of the gang at the EEEPH Meet & Greet were grousing a bit about it too. Ah, well. It’s the first version of an ongoing effort. Not too shabby, really. I just like to nitpick. I do that to everything I love. Heh.



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