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250gb SSDs by yearend! February 24, 2008

Posted by reverseengineer in Developments, Hardware.

CNet‘s Nanotech blog reports that Samsung might be able to release 250gb solid state drives by year’s end, due to multi-level cell (MLC) technology which increases capacity by writing more bits to several levels more in each memory cell.

According to Nanotech, Samsung will definitely be releasing a 128gb SSD with MLC by 3Q08 at the very least.

Samsung predicts a 35 to 45% drop in SSD pricing year-to-year, which is good news because at current rates getting hi-cap SSDs isn’t feasible for consumer-level users (like the good folk at EEEPH). Choosing the 64gb SSD’ed Macbook Air adds US$900 to its price, so that puts the 64gb SSD at about the cost of a little over two 4G Eeeps.

The article also puts to rest a couple of misconceptions about SSDs.

That they have short life spans:

A flash device that is rated at 100,000 write cycles, for example, can write 100,000 times “to every single (memory) cell within the device,” (Michael Yang, flash marketing manager at Samsung) said. In other words, the device doesn’t write to the same cell over and over again but spreads out the writes over many different cells. This is achieved through “wear leveling,” which is carried out by the SSD’s controller, he said. This would make it virtually impossible to wear out a flash chip. Yang said a pattern could be perpetually repeated in which a 64GB SSD is completely filled with data, erased, filled again, then erased again every hour of every day for years, and the user still wouldn’t reach the theoretical write limit. He added that if a failure ever does occur, it will not occur in the flash chip itself but in the controller.”

That they are not that much faster than traditional hard disk drives:

HDDs do 120 to 150 IOPS (input/output operations per second). SSDs (do) 10,000 to 30,000 IOPS.”

Read the good news from Nanotech here.



1. Ade - February 25, 2008

A 250gb EeePC. Think about it. Wow.

Of course, I’m expecting these SSDs to be more expensive than the Eee itself.

2. Artsypooh - February 27, 2008

The real good news that comes out of 250GB drives by year-end is that as a trickle effect, 8GB drives are bound to be dirt-cheap by then. And that’s what I’m looking forward to! 😀

Well, almost. Actually, a 16GB will be perfect.

The strange thing is that the EEEP’s 4GB stock storage has “trained” me to work with much, much less, so that 8GB and above now actually seem like a whopping amount of storage. 🙂

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