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Our first Meet & Greet February 23, 2008

Posted by reverseengineer in Events.

Our little local users group of EeePC fanatics had a little get-together this afternoon at Bo’s Coffee, a little cafe at Robinson’s Galleria. The profusion of ‘little’ is perfect since we had little computers all over the place.

A couple of dozen of us, mostly all complete strangers to one another, spent the afternoon and evening comparing notes, exchanging tips, showing off and generally getting to know each other. We only knew everyone from the faceless camaraderie of the postings in the user group forum at eeeph.com and the handles we went by.

It takes a great impetus to get our duffs off our beds on a precious weekend afternoon and haul them half across town through heavy traffic to meet people we didn’t know from Adam. Such is the effect of the Eeep, I guess, and the need to meet like-minded folk. It was a wildly varied lot, with young ones and the young once, some loaquacious, agreeable louts and the rare textbook mousy geek. There were students, businessmen, writers, housewives, geeks – all kinds.

We caused quite a stir in the mall, with 24 tiny Asus laptops crowding the little coffee tables of Bo’s Coffee. Where else can you see four computers all comfortably perched, with ample room for coffee cups, on a small circular surface that usually had room enough for only one regular-sized laptop? Heads turned the whole afternoon. Even the baristas were all questions, and refused to believe that the computers each cost less than a mid-range cellphone. Surely we kid!

We spent five hours there, yakking away about everything, and leeching off the free mall wifi. Some industrious members took the opportunity to sell wares – leather cases, SD cards, USB sticks, RAM, external DVD drives, screen protectors, speakers, car chargers – which we all gleefully perused and cheerfully bought at great discounts in honor of our first Meet & Greet. There was even a small raffle with great prizes courtesy of some members (and for once I won something nice, thank you very much.)

People showed off their gear, their hardware and software modifications – our forum adminstrator and founder had an Eeep with OS X on it, but he couldn’t make it; traffic was so bad at his neck of the woods he had to regretfully head back home. Some guys took out their tools and tinkered with things right there – a couple even exchanged keyboards and batteries, ending up with a white Eeep with a black keyboard and batt, and vice versa.

It was really nice meeting everyone and putting faces to names. Good times!



1. Mona - February 24, 2008

hi adel, can you please email me that pic where I was biting my precious screen protector? thanks! – fountainpen

2. Floyd Piedad - February 24, 2008

Great write-up! Of course, no amount of prose will replace being there. Am so sad I missed the event.

3. Joel - February 24, 2008

Great post, Adel. Besides living in Malate, we also have an 11 month old baby. Factor in that it’s a Saturday… that’s more than enough to prevent us from going to the Meet & Greet.

Maybe next time.

Great to hear people had fun… those with and without an Eee PC.

4. ProudSKIN - February 24, 2008

nice article! clap clap clap

5. Cloudwalker - February 25, 2008

great post, adel! I agree, the first M&G was a riot 😀 And Blackeee was flattered that you featured him in your photo, hehehe 🙂

but I’m curious, who’s the ” textbook mousy geek”?!? 😛


6. reverseengineer - February 25, 2008

@cloudwalker – now, now, let’s not name names (actually it wasn’t meant to be derogatory in the least; just a couple who’d fit the stereotype at first blush) — and even if I wanted to, I don’t think I can remember who anyway! 🙂

7. paul Teale - February 27, 2008

Great picture on that tiny table, these things really are small.
I just picked one up in london at the airport.

looking forward to what it can do.

8. ash - February 27, 2008

When is the next Meet and Greet? I missed this and I can’t sleep. 😀

9. reverseengineer - February 27, 2008

@ash – if I’m not mistaken, according to the eeePH site, it’s the Sunday after Easter. Go to the thread there about the M&G for more accurate info.

@Paul – thanks for the compliment about the camphone pic; wish I’d brought a DSLR so it would’ve been clearer!

10. dix-neuf - February 28, 2008

I’ve been reading your blog entries at your multiply account as well. I like how you write!
Idol! 😀

11. reverseengineer - February 29, 2008

@dix-neuf: *blush*

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