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Bag-eee February 7, 2008

Posted by reverseengineer in Accessories.

In the few user group forums for the EeePC, threads on bags and carrying cases are pretty popular.

Being a bag man myself, I’ve been on the lookout for the right one – small yet padded, and doesn’t scream Laptop! Bringing a tiny Eeep in a big bag sorta defeats the purpose. But I haven’t quite found the definitive Eeep bag. Until last week.

My friend Art came across one such bag that fits the bill – the smallest Cyber Gear bag from Hawk, available at any department store here in our corner of the world. He mentioned it in a comment here, and he sent me some pics. Sells for about PHP800, or approximately US$20. He showed me his bag last Friday, and I got so impressed I got myself one last night.

It’s no fancy, fashion-forward status-symbol Crumpler, but it does the job pretty well.

The EeePC fits portrait mode, and while not a tailored fit, is close enough. Compartments are a-plenty, and you can bring everything you’d need with it, from charger to mouse. Just about right. Comes in three color combos. Art got himself the blue/black, and I got me the yellow/brown. The other color is a red/something.

Slung across your shoulder, it’s small and unobtrusive, just the right size, and has the right amount of padding. It’s even water-resistant. Here are pics of our bags, for your perusal:



1. Ade - February 7, 2008

I have to get me one of those.

2. Rey - February 7, 2008

Meee too, i’m getting one for myself. My current Eee bag is another Hawk with the “landscape” orientation.

3. TalkinTech - February 9, 2008

…too bad the tupperware where I keep my sandwich won’t fit, otherwise I’d get one in a heartbeat 😦

4. reverseengineer - February 10, 2008

Tupperware? How quaintly 70s retro, dude!

Baka naman puro triple-decker clubhouse yan! Nagbabaon ka pa pala?

5. bernie - February 10, 2008

reverseengineer: correction — I bring along a QUADRUPLE-decker sandwich (anything less is not acceptable) for my bring-along breakfast at the office 🙂

That’s why I still use my Crumpler Luncheon (quite apt huh?) because Eee PC, my sandwich box *and* my accessory pack fits in comfortably.

6. wreek - March 3, 2008

where can i buy that bag?

7. Artsypooh - March 4, 2008

SM Department stores have it. Just ask for the Hawk line. 🙂

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