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Report Card February 2, 2008

Posted by reverseengineer in Asus, Ramblings, Review.

It’s been a month for me using the EeePC today. Happy Anniversary!

Still top marks. Learned a lot, from a rudimentary grasp of Linux to learning how to hack into the system to get it to do things Asus never meant for you to do. And everything in between.

It’s still a computer worth getting. A month hasn’t dimmed its value or usefulness. If anything, it’s gotten more valuable over the past few weeks.

It still turns heads in public, up to now. The shortage of stock has made it even more desirable, and people are combing the stores for units. Preferably the Galaxy Black version, which is number one with a bullet (although having been up close and personal with a Pearl White, I wouldn’t mind owning one instead).

If you’ve been reading the comments here, you’ll note the quick conversions people have once they see it in action. Windows die-hards, Mac blow-hards, non-geeks, even Luddites. I’ve more than one friend pick one up after seeing mine, and I sometimes get calls from co-workers and friends asking me the precise model and price because they were at the mall hunting one down and didn’t want to make a mistake.

The most heard (and telling) comment? “My phone costs more than that, and I can’t even do a thing with it!”

I often forget that I’m carrying one in my backpack, I’m so used to heavy laptops. I’ve gotten a lot more personal work done on it that I’ve ever been able to do with the MacBook or the Thinkpad, precisely because of the reasons I’ve enumerated on this blog. My brother says he’s never been happier with his purchase, and doesn’t regret buying one at all.

I’m happy because it delivers. What I set out to do with it I did. And I didn’t even need to convert to Windows or anything (which is one of the better perks). I’m walking proof that the open source model works – everything I need I got out of the box or from Synaptics. Well, yeah, some outside of repositories. Let’s not split hairs. But I haven’t needed to purchase anything, and I’m able to do 98% of what I need to.

The niggles are still there, of course. Small screen, small keyboard. Small everything, really. No big hard disk, no optical drive. But you can live without these things, and eventually realize that that’s perfectly all right. That’s the nature of the beast. (As Microsoft likes to say, they’re not bugs, they’re features.) Literally and figuratively, the EeePC is no burden at all. Even if you don’t think you need one, you probably do.

Nearly straight As. One B- for the screen size, which, unlike the keyboard, could be a bit bigger. (Really now, Asus. We know you were keeping the costs down, but I think we wouldn’t have have minded springing a bit more for an additional inch or so of LCD. Things would’ve been so much nicer.)

And a point off for the modem hole.



1. Art - February 3, 2008

I’ve given it straight As too, especially considering its price point: this is the most useful sub-twenty-grand device I’ve ever invested in.

Next stop: add-ons. I wish SSDs were more widely available. And battery packs. A high-cap battery would be loverly on this thing, so that you can literally stay out for a day and not have to hunt for a socket.

Oh, and snug-fitting eee bags. I finally found a bag that’s perfect for my taste, by the way. It’s a Hawk Cyber Gear shoulder bag, which can snugly fit the eee, and is in “portrait” too so it doesn’t get bumped around too much. Plus lots of compartments!

2. reverseengineer - February 3, 2008

The bag hag in me says: Picture please!

3. bernie - February 4, 2008

I’ve been weaning myself from my Eee PC these past two weeks… not because I’ve gotten tired of it but because I was beginning to neglect my *other* favorite notebook (MC2D MacBook). So my Eee is now my stay-at-home computer while I lug my MacBook to the office (except on Fridays and whenever I have a scheduled out-of-office activities).

But in terms of “grading” my Eee, I also give it a high mark — an “A-“. It would have been an “A” if not for the same reason given here…

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