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Eeecast January 25, 2008

Posted by reverseengineer in Apps, Asus.

One of the niggles of the included apps of the Eeep is the Pearson Longman Mobile Dictionary‘s usability – in a word, limited.

Since Asus is a Taiwanese company, it’s no surprise that their dictionary app is Sino-centric: English-to-Chinese, Chinese-to-English and English-to-English (in Traditional and Simplified Chinese at that). Which is fine, but the menu options are in Chinese out of the box, so English users are SOL.

There’s a way around it though – and it’s simple enough if you read Chinese to begin with. If not, here’s the fix: click on the wrench icon in the lower right corner of the dictionary window. In the dialog that pops up, there will be two drop-down menus (in Chinese, of course). Drop down the upper one, then click on the first of the three choices. Voila! English menus.

Now this isn’t too intuitive, especially for non-Chinese readers, unless you come across it on a website or someone tells you the trick.

For me it was the former – I was specifically looking for an EeePC podcast (it’s a no-brainer that there’d be one or two out there already) and stumbled across the companion website of The Eeecast, which is run by geekgirl Jacqueline Moody.

This post isn’t about the Longman Dictionary – it’s about the podcast, but I just thought I’d mention it and give credit where it’s due. Jackie’s site had the tip you just read. Which is what podcasts are usually great for. (Although in this case it was her site that gave the tip.)

I’m a podcast slut. I listen to a lot, and regularly. Coming from a talk radio background, I love these things.

The Eeecast isn’t too regular (it’s got three out at the moment, the last one released Jan. 7), and it isn’t too techie and geek-deep, despite the fact that Jackie calls herself The GeekGirl. (A plus was actually getting to listen to Neil, the Brit moderator from eeeuser.com, who guested on Episode Two.)

It’s sort of roundabout and leisurely made – sorta like this blog, come to think about it. Jackie’s manner is also slow and deliberate, as if she was reading from a script (which is probably the case), and it’s pretty short too. The last one was barely 4 minutes. To someone used to nearly two-hour long programs like TWIT and MacBreak Weekly, EeeCast is just a burp on the net.

But I’m glad its around. It’s a sign of things to come – Art and I already recently recorded a podcast episode that was all about the Eeep. Here’s to catching more EeePC-centric shows soon.

If you want to listen to The GeekGirl’s show, head on to eeecast.com to get the podcasts.



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