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Dispelling the reality distortion field January 21, 2008

Posted by reverseengineer in Macs, Ramblings.

Those of you folk who know the stuff I write online will know that I am a Mac fanboy first and foremost, before anything.

The fact that I am enamored with an EeePC so much that I’ve practically set aside my Macs for the time being and even started a blog about it is a testament to its value and worth as a computing platform. That it can distract a Mac user from his Mac is a big thing.

The other day I showed my EeePC to a friend of mine who works in the building next to mine. After fifteen minutes of tinkering with it, he bought one that very afternoon. To be fair, Vic asked if I could drop by his studio and demo it to him. He was already half-sold on the idea of an EeePC, having researched the net, and just needed to actually get his fingers on an Eeep keyboard before taking the plunge.

My friend is, if anything, an even bigger Machead than I am. He texts me the next day:

Dude, between the eBook reader, VLC and the wifi browsing, I’m wondering if I even need my MacBook Pro on a daily basis. Love love love.

I know what you mean, Vic. I leave my older laptop on my desk in the office now; only the Eeep gets to go home with me. It gets to go everywhere.

The EeePC is so good it even cancels out the Steve Jobs RDF, even a powerful one like the field generated around the MacBook Air; after a few hours, some Macheads snap out of it when they had a chance to think about the Eeep.

In fact, way bigger Mac fanboys than Vic and myself have seen the light. I came across a wonderfully sobering column by writer Vern Seward entitled MacBook Air: The Wrong Envelope on the popular website The Mac Observer last night. I quote some of the interesting parts:

I have a feeling that the MacBook Air is this year’s “Cube.” Nearly everyone I’ve talked to, both Mac and PC fans, want a small laptop. If you’ve read the blogs and forums leading up to Macworld you couldn’t help but come away with a sense that people were looking forward to a small, lightweight device. The MacBook Air is small, but compared to devices like the ASUS EEEPC, the MacBook Air suddenly becomes not so small.

I know I don’t want or need a full blown OS while I’m on the go, the iPhone proves that people can get along without the whole of OS X while out and about. What I want is the iPhone or iPod touch on steroids, a small package with some innovation built in.

In fact, if you compare the EEEPC with the MacBook Air you might find that while the EEEPC is not as thin and does not offer that nice multi-touch pad, it does offer enough horsepower to do 80 to 90 percent of what you might want to do. For me, that’s plenty.

I also believe that many were waiting to see what Steve Jobs announced at Macworld, holding off buying the ultra-portable they’ve had an eye on in case Apple offered something better. I wouldn’t be surprised if ASUS sees a big jump in EEEPC sales this month.

This, coming from a hardboiled Mac loyalist. Interesting read. Click on the link and check it out.



1. bernie - January 21, 2008

I personally had mixed feelings about the MBAir — Apple may have gotten it right in the thickness department but its overall size (13″ screen) makes it like, as I’ve said, a nifty mousepad.

And just like Vic, I find myself lugging my Eee more than my MacBook, so much more that I sometimes feel guilty because I don’t get to use my MacBook as much. But then again, I depend on my MacBook for my “heavy duty” computing stuff like ripping/converting DVDs, managing my pictures and *ehem* torrenting.

2. Art - January 21, 2008

Oh man. While Jobs may have his reality distortion field, the Eeep has its own universal covet field. Whenever people see this thing being used in public, they point to it and declare “I want one!”

I teach at the University of the Philippines. Right after seeing my unit, a co-faculty member upped and bought a pink one. So now there’s a geometric progression of coveting going on, as girls who see her unit plan on using their savings to buy one, and guys who see my black unit realize it’s all they need. Right now, three more faculty members are about to get their own units. Soon, everyone’ll be using an Eeep!

3. Lawrence - January 21, 2008

Talking about “geometric progression of coveting”…

Any ideas where the eeePC is still available? I Have been to Vmall and they are all out of the 4G Black Galaxy model. Where did sir Vic get his eeepc?

4. reverseengineer - January 21, 2008

Free plugging here – Vic got his at ATC. Silicon Valley has a black one left, and a coupla other stores there have some stock left. Makati, Greenhills and the QC malls have nada for the moment.

5. Vic - January 23, 2008

Just got back from 3 days in Hong Kong. The Eee is the PERFECT travel companion.

eBooks on the plane (and no need to even unfold the tray table!), quick email checks in the hotel lobby over breakfast, Skype video chats with the missus at night, and then VLC playback of Eastern Promises (what a fantastic fight scene) before going to bed. Oh, and using the USB port to charge my iPhone while I sleep.

Whatta bargain.

6. Art - January 24, 2008

That’s one interesting feature that the Eeep has. So long as the Eeep is plugged into a power socket, you can charge stuff via its USB ports even when the Eeep itself is off. 🙂

7. Art - January 24, 2008

P.P.S. Yeah, great fight scene on Eastern Promises, Vic! And if you want a really memorable bad guy, have you seen Javier Bardem’s Anton Chigurh in “No Country for Old Men”? Man, that is one unforgettably sick sick sick dude! I’m having nightmares about him!

VLC rocks! But I have Windows on my Eeep, and here the best media player is still Media Player Classic loaded with a full codec pack. It plays stuff that even VLC can’t. 🙂 The Eeep is one heckuva DivX player, and it fits snugly on many car dashboards!

8. Vic - January 24, 2008

Thinking of ordering this from Amazon, it got good reviews on the eeeuser forums. Know of a local supplier or any similar products available around here before I pull the trigger on it?


So far, my only real complaint with the Eee is the wonky battery life – sometimes it’s fine, sometimes (especially when I leave it hibernating overnight) when I expect it to be fully charged, it’s down to half of what I was expecting.

9. Lawrence - January 26, 2008

Thanks adel!! I just got my black eeepc from pcorner in gilmore. It was a bit expensive but they had a promo where they upgrade the ram to 1GB and they throw in a 2GB flash disk for free.

So far im loving the unit. The keyboard is indeed a bit cramped but im getting used to it. Im still getting used to the whole linux cli too…but so far im loving the whole experience….this unit is tin–eee…:D

10. Art - April 28, 2008


So, uh… you were saying something about the wrong envelope? 😉

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