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The first ten January 5, 2008

Posted by reverseengineer in Apps, Lists.

One of the big things for me in this little experiment with the tiny laptop with the different OS is to try and reconstruct (or at least approximate) my comfort zones from my Mac and my Windows machines.

This means getting all of the programs and apps I’ve grown accustomed to or otherwise can’t live without. They don’t have to be the precise apps ported to Linux; as long as they do the job, I’m fine.

So, in the few days since I’ve been using this setup, these are the first ten I’ve located, downloaded (some, anyway; most install from online repositories) and installed. With this batch I’m pretty close to good already. If you have better alternatives, holler.

  • GIMP – If I can’t have Adobe Photoshop, this is the next best thing
  • Comix – I must have a reader for my CBR comic book downloads, of course.
  • Picasa – Easy photo management and simple manipulation (when I’m lazy to use GIMP). Yeah, that Picasa
  • BitTornadoBit Torrent client. Shhhh.
  • Logjam – An offline blogging client for LiveJournal, where I have my personal blog.
  • Opera – To take out the sting of the EeePC’s small screen when I surf (you can scale the screen, unlike Firefox, which sometimes borks pages – like my Mac-A-Doodle blog.)
  • Skype Beta – So I can use the built-in webcam!
  • Limewire – To get the small things you can’t with BitTornado. Shhh again.
  • Audacity – To record and edit my audio files (I’m going to see if I can make my podcasts on the EeePC. So far so good.)
  • VLC – Hands down, the best video player on any platform.

In addition, I’ve already ported my bookmarks to Firefox and Opera, loaded my mail accounts into Thunderbird and I’m trying to figure out how to import my vCards into Address Book.

So far so good.




1. bernie - January 5, 2008

Keep us posted on your progress in getting those durn vCards to the built-in addressbook of the Eee./ That is the one thing I wasn’t able to figure out until now 😦

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