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03:01:45 January 5, 2008

Posted by reverseengineer in Accessories, Review.

I did a full-on battery test the other day, to see how long this 4-cell pack would last. I do this for all new gadgets, just because. I’m weird that way.

Most people get about three hours or less on an EeePC. The documentation claims three or more.

I’m of the persuasion that if there is a handy outlet nearby, I always keep it plugged in. That way if I have to work somewhere where there isn’t one, I’d at least be starting out with a full deck. Some friends of mine yank it off the wall juice as soon as it fully charges, and then work from the battery until it needs to be charged again, even if there are outlets aplenty. One of them even reasons out, what’s the point of having a portable machine? They’re supposed to be used on batteries.

I don’t get this logic at all. It isn’t harmful to the battery to keep it on tap as often and as long as you’re within range of a source; some people still believe this myth in this age of lithium ion. And wouldn’t forcing the battery to deliberately expend full cycles as often as possible shorten its life drastically?

So if they’ve been using it on batts at home, and are suddenly called to go out to meet for coffee or something, and that cafe has no nearby outlets, they’d be running on just half a charge or less.

Sorry. Forgive the rant. Back to the battery.

After a full charge (and around three previous full cycles), I ran the machine (in the standard out-of-the-box 701-4G configuration) with brightness at the middle setting, likewise the sound (with speakers on, of course), wifi on, an infra-red dongle in the USB slot for the wireless mouse and an SD card stuck in the memory slot. In other words, how I normally would use it.

So I wrote stuff on OpenOffice, surfed, blogged, checked mail, installed a couple of things, tweaked settings and all the usual stuff.

After giving me a warning at 20% capacity, it finally shut itself off (neatly and properly, I might add) at three hours, one minute and 45 seconds.

About as advertised.

I’m pleased. Even Apple overstates its battery capacities.

Still, I’d get that new 6-cell in a snap.



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