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Mouse in the house January 4, 2008

Posted by reverseengineer in Updates.

The Asus EEEPC 701 8G has come out, and the most interesting news seems to be that an Asus USB short-cabled mouse is now included in the box.

Other than that, I’m underwhelmed.

The 8G’s price point (I haven’t seen actual price tags here, but I’ve been quoted more than 50% over the 4G’s SRP already) has gone way outside the sweet spot and right into the low end of conventional laptop pricing. There are other, bigger fish swimming already at that end of the pool, and having a bigger screen, more storage, a modem and an optical drive might be more bang for your buck.

For roughly 50% more of the cost, you just get 512mb more RAM, and 4 additional gigs of SSD storage with the Asus EEEPC 701 8G.

Where I live (the current exchange rate of a Philippine Peso is about 40 to a US dollar), 1024k RAM would cost maybe 1k, and a 4GB SDHC card about 2K. So bringing a 701 4G to an 8G’s level would be around 3k or more.

Buying a real 701 8G would cost you 8 to 10k more.

Doesn’t make sense.

We’re also not even sure that the 8G would have what the 4G 7A models have ā€“ the PCI-E slot for an additional 8 or 16GB SSD. Slap one in your 4G and laugh your ass off at the 8G.

Now if the 8G also had at least a bigger screen, they’d have my undivided attention. Or even a 6-cell battery pack.

Maybe they have something better up their sleeve they’re unveiling at the CES in a few days. Let’s hope so.

Would hoping for a bigger keyboard be a bit much?



1. punsai - January 16, 2008

hi! fellow EEEPC user here. you’re in the philippines, right? do you know where the eeepc mouse is sold? thanks!

2. reverseengineer - January 17, 2008

None available separately, to my knowledge. A free one comes in the box with the 8G model, but it’s ordinary and short-corded. No compelling need to get one except if you really want a mouse with the Asus label. (I have a distinct feeling they’re just rebranded mice from a third-party.) Better off buying a wireless version.

3. punsai - January 18, 2008

as in like with the ball kind of mouse? not even optical? oh well…thank you…your blog is actually helpful. šŸ™‚ even though i’ve used linux in school, i’m still just learning to maximize my eeepc. i haven’t done any tweaking yet, though. šŸ™‚

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