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Before anything, my immediate impressions January 2, 2008

Posted by reverseengineer in Review.


  • The keyboard is too tiny.
  • It’s Linux. Who the hell knows Linux?
  • I’m learning Linux.
  • I wish the battery pack had less girth. It’s almost bulbous. At least it props up the back and cools the bottom. (Which is actually a good thing. No one makes a CoolPad that small anyway.)
  • Push the LCD too far back and it becomes top-heavy and falls backward.
  • The trackpad button is flimsy, and hard to press. Takes effort.
  • Flimsy means cheap chromed plastic. Like the Power Button. Ugh.
  • The keyboard is too tiny.
  • Battery life could be better, but three hours isn’t too shabby.
  • There are too way many apps in Synaptic. (And those weird names!)
  • Wish it had firewire. I have a DVD burner that’s firewire.
  • Most stuff I stick into the slots work.
  • There are software equivalents for nearly everything I’m used to.
  • Paradox: it runs like a Mac but feels like Windows.
  • There is no Caps Lock light.
  • My MS-DOS CLI experience helps.
  • “Sudo” sounds like a martial art where you use your intuition’s weight against itself.
  • The screen needs three more square inches.
  • The keyboard is too tiny, but my HAP (hunt-and-peck) typing style helps.
  • No modem. (I hate them, never use them, but I like to know I have the option just in case.)
  • Wish I could enable a 12-hour time format in advanced mode.
  • Why do I have to be online to install anything?
  • The keyboard is too tiny.
  • 4GB solid-state drive. Huh? A DVD-R’s got more space.
  • Why’d they purposely limit RAM to 1GB on the OS level?
  • SDHC cards aren’t as expensive as you’d expect.
  • Why do people insist on installing Win XP on it? I mean, really now.
  • It comes in stupid colors too.
  • I can carry it in a belt bag. (Well, a big one.)
  • It’s incredible that there are cellphones that are way more expensive than this.
  • The keyboard is tiny.


1. Art - January 3, 2008

Why Win XP? Because some people just don’t want to break out of their comfort zones, heheh. I already have my quirks and routines down pat, and danged if I have to learn a whole new habit base once again!

Besides, XP loads pretty fast on the eeep. 🙂

2. bernie - January 4, 2008

for a 12-hour time format in advanced mode:

If you right-click on the clock and choose “Date & Time Format”, it tries to start a control panel module called “rscp”. Unfortunately the module does not exist, so nothing happens.

Instead, you can change the format yourself by editing the file: /home/user/.kde/share/config/kdeglobals

It’s in INI-file format. You need to add/change the TimeFormat variable in the Locale section. By default the file does not have a Locale section already, so you must add these two lines at the end of the file:

TimeFormat=%I:%M:%S %p

(Even through there’s a %S, Kicker seems to leave off the seconds automatically, but you can omit the %S too if you want. You can also leave out the space before the %p since the Eee has such a small screen.) Note that you may want to try %l in place of %I, as it will omit the additional 0 in front of the single digit times.

If you want more control of the clock format, a list of all the letter codes you can use in the TimeFormat appears here.

After editing this file, you need to restart the system to let it take effect.

Also, you may have to drag the pager and system tray to the left a bit after making this change, in order to give the clock more room to show the entire am/pm indicator.

Another note: It appears that this change only works if your clock type is set to “Plain”. If you have set it to “Digital”

*** shamelessly copied & pasted from http://wiki.eeeuser.com/howto:changekickerclockformat ***

3. bernie - January 4, 2008

@Art: Putting XP on this little beast is tantamount to gutting a brand new Honda Jazz and replacing its engine with one from a Kia Pride (no offense meant to both car companies).

4. Art - January 5, 2008

@Bernsy: Yeah, but still it makes me happy. 😉

5. bernie - January 7, 2008

@Artsy: Well, my office just got an external DVD drive so I can now experiment with installing XP on this baby 🙂

AND… don’t give me that look… as I often say — I am platform agnostic so I have the “K” to try whatever OS that catches my fancy at the moment… hehehehe

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